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Virtual Tours can help tourist industry struggling in the wake of COVID-19

Virtual Tours can help tourist industry struggling in the wake of COVID-19

Virtual Tours can help tourist industry. Even as people try to curb the spread of the virus by canceling their travel plans and staying at home, many of us still have the travel bug. Luckily, many destinations have turned to virtual reality and 360-degree content to inspire and attract travelers over the last several years. For people stuck at home, that kind of content will be especially welcome right now.

“People are already seeking out all sorts of alternative ways of connecting with one another, with culture, with the natural world,” says Jeremy Smith, editor of the tourism industry news site Travindy. “Destinations and travel businesses should not be scared of this. They should embrace it, support and encourage people, which could be as simple as pointing them towards online resources like webcams at watering holes in national parks, free virtual museums, and Google Arts and Culture VR films.” Several Chinese attractions are already taking advantage of technology to offer virtual tours in the wake of the coronavirus.

The benefits of virtual tours don’t end once the pandemic does finally ebb. South Carolina State Parks launched a five-minute VR version of the strenuous hike up Table Rock Mountain in January of this year so people with mobility or health restrictions can also enjoy the 3.6-mile trek. Offering VR experiences such as this one for typically popular destinations can also proactively slow environmental degradation and overcrowding once people start traveling again.

“VR offers the potential to create substitute experiences that may be extremely useful for heritage and natural preservation.” One such example is Egypt’s Tomb of Nefertari, which has been compared to Italy’s Sistine Chapel. Over the years, the size of tour groups allowed in the tomb has shrunk considerably while the ticket price has greatly increased—both of which have been important for preserving and protecting the site. For those who can’t go to Egypt or who are on a tight budget, a VR experience is available.

Virtual Tours can help tourist industry.

A local client in Plettenberg bay has updated here website to include a Virtual Tour. In a hope to attract future tourists once Lock down is over. Elizabeth retired from her family business in Wellington (Mischa Wine Estate) to establish Eventide Lodge on the Bitou river. Her dream of being close to the beach and still maintaining a tranquil farm lifestyle came true. Her passion is now to share her dream with you along with her 6 dogs (5 of them rescues). For more about the Lodge please browse the Rooms, Facilities and Attractions pages.

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