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david_cubbivirtual shopping tour of his art pieces

Virtual Tour with option to shop

Here is David Cubbin art pieces in his studio. A Virtual Tour with option to shop. We created a virtual tour to view the studio. You can click on the shop icons to see more information on a piece. Below is the video showing the experience. Further Below is the full Virtual Tour.

The Full Virtual Tour

A Virtual Tour with option to shop is a much more immersive experience for a user. Lets them feel they are right there. Retail stores display selection of inventory and buying experience with Google See Inside Street View 360° Virtual Tours. These tours become part of Google’s official content in your business listing and appear next your phone number and address in organic search results and boost your SEO! You’ve invested in a quality client experience, now you can give your shoppers a preview of what to expect before traveling to the store. WalkThru360 creates official Google Street View Virtual Tours and beautiful still image photography that directly integrate with your existing Google Business Profile and Google Maps Local Listing. Customers are increasingly looking to Maps and Search Engines to aid in their shopping decisions, it’s more important than ever to keep your profile updated with top quality photos and content!


  • Bring your brand to life with an interactive, visual, memorable 360 shopping environment
  • To differentiate from the monotonous grid experience of every other e-commerce site
  • Imagination is the only limit in the design of your virtual space – delight your visitors!

What are the benefits of VR for businesses?

  • VR can create rich, immersive and – most importantly – memorable customer experiences. This can do wonders for conversion rates.
  • It’s a social media goldmine, which is fantastic for brand awareness. VR is an experience, and a share-worthy one at that – it gets customers talking about you and sharing their experiences on social media.
  • 360 degree product views. Trying something in VR is the next best thing to physically holding a product. It gives the user a much better perspective of what they’re buying as it allows them to see it from all possible angles.
  • Breaking down language barriers. If a picture is worth a thousand words, VR must be worth a million. It’s much easier to demonstrate a product’s worth by showing rather than telling, and this can be extra helpful in demoing complex products, especially to someone who speaks a different language to you.

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