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david Cubbin Wildlife Artist based in Sedgefield

David cubbin wildlife artist – art studio

Did a virtual tour of David Cubbin wildlife artist – art studio. David is an amazing artist who lives in Sedgefield.

David Cubbin is a professional wildlife artist. While birds and animals are his specialities; he also does landscapes and ethnic paintings. He frequently visits game parks for inspiration and to take photos for use as reference material.

Wildlife artist specializing in birds on indigenous South African hardwoods

Wild life artist who loves to paint on indigenous South African hardwoods…. commissions accepted and if you’re not happy you’re under no obligation to take what you requested. I live in a beautiful part of the country surrounded by forests and birds…paradise!! Get in touch and tell me what you’re thinking…. lets see if we can put something together for you. Email David

Artist David Cubbins is primarily known for love of birds and his accurate portrayals of local birdlife, but that is not all he has to offer: his original art also includes paintings of leopards, gemsbok and elephants and an array of bronzed sculptures. Handmade paper prints of a myriad of bird species as well as majestic sable antelope, zebra and white rhino are also available. Visit the Guineafowl Gallery at the V&A Waterfront to view artist David Cubbin`s superbly accurate portrayals of local bird life.

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